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Finding A Personal Trainer Shouldn't Feel Like Buying a House.

Find. Train. Gain. is backed by one of the largest databases of personal trainers in in the world. Each using innovative technology designed to create a more simple and personal experience.

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Find The Trainer That Works For You.

Explore our diverse database of trainers from all over the world. All with a unique skill set.

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Train Using The FitSW App.

Once you find your trainer that works for you, they will add you as a client to the app. You'll get an email notification when they officially add you. Then you simply download the app and train from anywhere.

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Watch your hard work pay off while using the FitSW app. With features like automated reminders and progress tracking, you won't miss a beat.

Personal Training With The App.

The app provides a seamless experience whether you're the client or a trainer. No more bouncing in and out gmail, messenger, Google drive, or balancing excel sheets and word documents.

Here are some of the features of the app you'll have access to as a client. For Free.

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Workout Building & Planning

Easily plan and build your workouts with the workout builder. Our exercise list has 1,000+ plus exercises that come with demo videos. Never be unsure about an exercise again.

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Nutrition & Meal

Easily plan your meals to help you hit your fitness goals. With our comprehensive food library, you'll never be in the dark about what you're eating. Oh, did we mention is comes with macro tracking too?

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All payments are powered by Stripe. We've got you data protected.

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Body Composition

Track how your body changes over time, such as, body fat percentage, body weight, and much more. No more guessing, now you know what works and what doesn't.

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Automated Reminders

With automated email reminders, you'll never forget about a workout coming up. In addition, never miss the changes your trainer makes to your fitness and nutrtion programs.

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Real-Time Messaging

Keep everything organized, all in the app. Don't worry about balancing text messaging, DM's, or email.

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All Skill Levels Are Welcome

Whether you're just getting started or have been an experienced athlete, we have trainers all over the world ready to train any level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thousands of people just like you trust us to connect them with personal trainers. Trust us when we say, we've got your back.

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What if I want a refund for sessions I have purchased?

All purchases are at the discretion of the trainer and client involved. However, If you are worried about disputes, make sure the trainer has a client-trainer contract you both can sign before you start training with them. If they don't have a contract already, typically trainers are pretty flexible about putting one in place.

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What if I have an issue with the app?

No worries! We have a dedicated support team available to both trainers and clients. If you have any questions at all, email We usually reply pretty quickly.

You can also pay a visit to This is a comprehensive knowledge base full of articles written to help you out.

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Why should I use a personal trainer?

This isn't really a question we can answer for you. However, studies show that those who hire a personal trainer are twice as likely to hit fitness and health goals.

Personal trainers go through extensive education programs that they use to create comprehensive fitness and nutrition programs. Each trainer uniquely specializes in areas they like to help out the most.

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How do I know a personal trainer is right for me?

This all depends on your goals and circumstance. Choosing a trainer is often times dependent on what you want to achieve.

Trainers supply loads of knowledge to their clients and often times help you out with aspects of your health you never knew needed to get fixed. Trainers are skilled professionals that help facilitate change. They will keep you accountable and help ensure you are on the right path to hitting your goals.

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I'm a trainer, how do I register to get discovered?

All trainers are required to use the FitSW app. Head over to to register. Don't worry you can try any plan for 30 days for free!

Aside from getting discovered, using an app to manage your business can make you a more effective trainer for your clients and can help you manage your business more effectively. You can increase efficiency, save time, and increase your revenue potential.

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